Crime on the Akron Gate estate

Many residents on the Akron Gate estate have been in touch with me recently regarding their concerns about crime. In order to gain a better picture of what is happening, and how the local police and other stakeholders can better engage with the issues, I am carrying out a survey of local residents.


Please fill out the survey below, and let me know if and how crime is affecting you on the Akron Gate estate.

Akron Gate survey

  • Current Akron Gate crime issues
  • Your details
I have received complaints from local residents about crime and anti-social behaviour on the Akron Gate estate. Would you say there is a problem in your area?
Have you witnessed or been affected by Crime or anti-social behaviour on the estate?
On a scale of 0-10, how safe do you feel walking around your neighbourhood, where 10 is extremely safe and 0 is extremely unsafe?
How satisfied are you with visibility of your local police?
How effective have your local councillors been in helping to tackle crime and other issues?
What measures would you like to see to prevent burglaries and other crimes on the estate?
Would you be interested in attending an online meeting with Jane and local police officers to discuss crime issues?