Protecting Wolverhampton's greenbelt

I have been very clear that I oppose any developments on greenbelt land, both in and around Wolverhampton North East. 

The Black Country Plan, which will outline all housing development across the Black Country up to 2039, has published its first draft. I am disappointed to see the Labour-run city council put forward a number of greenbelt sites across the city for development.

I recognise the need for new housing, but I believe that brownfield land should be built on first. The sites in Wolverhampton North East that I have grave concerns about are:

Land in Bushbury next to Northycote Lane, Legs Lane and Bushbury Lane - 532 homes

Land adjacent to Wood Hayes Road, Belton Avenue and Sundour Crescent - 303 homes

I want to know what you think about these proposals, so I have created the survey below. Please fill it in and share with anyone else who may be interested.

NOTE: There will be a separate consultation process as part of the Black Country Plan. It is vital you respond to that consultation as well, when it is launched.

Black Country Plan 2021

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Do you support the proposal to build houses on greenbelt land in Bushbury?
Do you support the proposal to build on greenbelt land on Wood Hayes Road?
Do you agree that Wolverhampton Council should use all available brownfield land in the city for new housing first, before considering any loss of green spaces?